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On this page I'm collecting links to stories I particularly liked in fandoms other than Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Due South

With Six You Get Eggroll by Speranza.
Due South was the first fandom I ever got into (albeit exclusively as a lurker); Speranza is my favourite DS author; this is my favourite of her stories. It's one of very few stories in the world I'll go back and read again and again. Hell, I nearly moved to the Arctic because of this story. (Okay, slight exaggeration. But only slight. I went to a job fair and everything!) The story's set post-series; Speranza shuffles the destinies meted out to the characters, and it's Fraser and Ray K who end up with six adopted children. The story begins when Ray V and Stella head up to the Arctic to visit them. You should definitely check out Speranza's other DS stories too; they can all be found here.


Big Damn Zombies, Sir by Shrift.
Really, really funny.
He eats all their brains / And he gnaws on their bones / Was never too bright / Now he's dead as the stones / Our love for this idea's not hard to explain / Who could resist him, our zombie called Jayne!

Harry Potter

In the Eyes of Others (and other stories) by Vindictus Viridian.
I haven't read everything by Vindictus Viridian, but everything that I've read has been brilliant. In the Eyes of Others is a novel in itself, detailing the life of Severus Snape from the arrival of his Hogwarts letter the day after his eleventh birthday, to Harry Potter's arrival at Hogwarts many years later. It's absolutely wonderful. The site where it's posted requires that users sign in to read adult-rated fiction, so my link here goes to the author's index page rather than the story itself.

Nancy Drew

The Clue of the Scribbled Note by Bear.
I doubt this is a fandom you've ever gone looking for, but if you ever read the books, you must click on this link. Bear (aka Bearolyn Keene) manages to mimic the original style exactly, only in her hands it becomes terribly funny. Nancy and Bess's innocence is maintained, but we clever readers understand what's really going on...

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Shock Treatment by Blue Champagne.
Apparently someone once issued the challenge: "What if you were really transported to DS9 as yourself?--and be realistic." Blue Champagne did exactly that. The results are perfectly hilarious. It's a Mary Sue only in the literal self-insertion sense; reading it, you can't help wondering "How would I cope with events like these?" Oh, and apparently in real life Blue Champagne looks surprisingly like the actor who plays Ezri Dax. That's a plot point. Kinda. Oh, just go read!

Tale Spin

This Disney cartoon was the most beloved TV show of my youth. Looking back, I realize that my attraction to Kit Cloudkicker was a foreshadowing of my kink for the "reformed bad-boy with a dark past" archetype. Before he joined Baloo in the pilot episode, Kit was an air pirate. I was fascinated by this facet of his character, and frustrated by the fact it was never mentioned again in any later episode. If I had been writing fan fic when I was twelve years old, I certainly would have written Tale Spin fic. And, well, it would have been terrible! But here are some really good stories (all of them gen):

Tale Spin: High Flight (a series by various authors).
A group of talented people came together to write the continuing adventures of the Tale Spin crew. These stories pick up where the series left off. They remain faithful to the style of the show (including some gorgeous accompanying original artwork), while making it appeal to my grown-up sensibilities by taking the characterization seriously and adding multi-episode arcs.

Sphere of Influence by Alyson Terry.
Alyson deftly merges real-world history and Tale Spin's fantastical reality in this story of Kit's experience during World War II.


X1 stories by Mo.
I'm linking to her whole fiction index page, but the particular series that I loved is the one labelled "X1 Stories": set in the X1 movieverse (with influence from the comics, as well), it's slash, pairing up Scott (Cyclops) and Logan (Wolverine). While those two guys are sorting things out, there's a really engaging story about mutants coping with a hostile world; the secondary characters are wonderful, including several OCs.

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