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the Fragments series

These fragments I have shored against my ruins. - T.S. Eliot, "The Wasteland"

What if Spike really did get the Shanshu? This series is my exploration of what life might be like for ex-vampire Spike. One thing's for certain: Xander is involved.

I wrote the parts out of chronological order, and they're listed here in order of writing, but I include a chronological listing at the end for reference.

The Fragments series was nominated for "Best Non-Spuffy Slash Fic" in Round One of the Fang Fetish Awards, and for "Series (All About the Journey)" in Round Three of the White Knight Awards.

Not The End (1300 words; 10K)
Completed May, 2004
After the end of Angel, I felt an overwhelming need to imagine what might happen in the next few minutes after the end of "Not Fade Away." This snippet is the result.

Human Frailty (2800 words; 18K)
Completed November, 2004
It's about six months after "Not Fade Away." Spike's now human, and he and Xander are both working for the new Watcher's Council in Rome. This is totally shmoopy h/c.

There's also a DVD-style commentary, written in December 2005. Warning: the commentary contains spoilers for the rest of the Fragments series up to and including "Before the Time of Dawn."

Late Night Porn Store Blues (8000 words; 47K)
Completed February, 2005
About two months after "Not Fade Away," Giles sends Xander to L.A. to investigate rumours of a Slayer in the city. What Xander finds is not at all what he expected. (Warning: despite the fact that it's largely set in a porn store, this fic is not, in fact, porn.)

How The Light Gets In (33,000 words; 193K)
Completed July, 2005
Xander and Spike are both a little bit broken; maybe they can help each other. (This is a direct sequel to "Late Night Porn Store Blues," picking up the next morning.)
This story was nominated for a Raison d'Être award.
It was also nominated in the "Xander/Spike" category of Round Three of the White Knight Awards.

Before the Time of Dawn (28,000 words; 167K)
Completed November, 2005
Xander and Spike must go back in time to prevent an apocalypse in the future.

That Good Night (WIP)
When Willow goes into labor, Xander and Spike head for Sao Paulo to see her. So does Buffy.
(The link currently goes to the memories listing in my Livejournal; once the story is finished I'll post it properly here.)

Fragments chronological listing:

Not The End
Late Night Porn Store Blues
How The Light Gets In
Human Frailty
Before the Time of Dawn
That Good Night



A "drabble" is exactly 100 words long. It's almost more a poem than a story. Here are mine.

On Being a Christian in Sunnydale
Completed May, 2005

Thanksgiving with the Burkles, 2004
Completed November, 2004

And then sometimes, I string together two or more drabbles to make a short story.

Sequential Art (2 drabbles: 200 words)
Completed April, 2007
This extremely short story might prove to be my only foray into the S8 comics canon—or not, who can say? In any case, I wrote it after the first two issues had come out; I tried to address some common complaints about the comics in a humorous manner.

Five Weddings That Never Happened (5 drabbles: 500 words)
Completed March, 2006
I take my turn playing with the five things trope: five weddings that never happened. The pairings are all canonical, and I'm not going to give them away ahead of time.
If you like "5 Things" stories, you can find lots more at Chrislee's Archive.



Between One Apocalypse And The Next (217 words)
Completed December, 2007
This is what happens when I sign up to participate in a ficathon right after I have a baby: a very, very short slice-of-life kinda thing.
Pairing: Spike/Xander
(The link goes to the original Fall For S/X posting.)

Those Lost At Sea And Never Found (3500 words)
Completed October, 2007
Lindsey goes looking for Lilah and finds Wesley instead. Wesley, meanwhile, is not really in a good place. Slash ensues.
Pairing: Wesley/Lindsey
(The link goes to the original Maleslash Minis posting.)

It Never Happened (37,000 words)
Completed July, 2007
It's the summer of 2001. Buffy is buried under a stone that says "She saved the world. A lot." Those she left behind are struggling to figure out how to live in a world without her, and how to continue to protect it.
Pairing: Spike/Giles
(The link goes to the original Summer of Giles posting.)

Bodice Ripper banner

Sock Puppet (42,000 words)
Completed November, 2006
A couple of years post-NFA, Xander is living a very ordinary life in L.A.. He has a job, an apartment, a boyfriend. However, the arrival of a figure from his past (okay, who am I kidding—you all know it's Spike, right?) throws everything into question.
Pairing: Spike/Xander

There's also a DVD-style commentary, including bonus features!

"Sock Puppet" was written for the Fall For S/X 2006 ficathon. You can find my original posting of the story, along with reader comments, here.

Also check out the beautiful images made for me by sueworld2003 [click!] and fanbot [click!]!!

I'm very pleased to announce that "Sock Puppet" has won an award:
Wanton Folley banner

"Sock Puppet" was also nominated in Round 5 of the Fang Fetish awards.

Fever Dreams (3700 words; 22K)
Completed August, 2005
Set during the S2 episode "Killed by Death," after Giles burns down the factory but before the vampires move into the mansion. There's a bad flu going around Sunnydale, and Spike is not immune.
Pairing: Spike/Angelus/Drusilla (but, no sex!)

Unintended Consequences (20,000 words; 120K)
Completed August, 2004
Long and fluffy and all about the kink, not to mention a wishful-thinking rewrite of Seeing Red. Just after the Magic Box Spike & Anya sex show, Spike gets mysteriously sick.
Pairing: Spike/Xander (kinda)

Sacrilege (4000 words; 25K)
Completed June, 2004
Angelus, Drusilla and Spike do very, very naughty things in a church.
I think this is a PWP, which is pretty rare for me. I wrote it to indulge an odd personal kink (see the author's notes for kink identification!) and it ended up being something very strange and dark.
Pairing: Spike/Angelus/Drusilla

London Calling (30,000 words; 172K)
Completed June, 2004
After Buffy receives a mysterious telephone call from Spike, she sends Xander to London to find out whatís going on. This storyís set in an alternate universe where at the start of S7, Spike didnít return to Sunnydale and the First Evil didnít start devouring from beneath.
Pairing: Spike/Xander
This story was nominated for a Raison d'Être award.

On the Way to Tara's Funeral (1300 words; 10K)
Completed June, 2004
Just as the title says; post-"Grave". Narrated by Sheila Rosenberg.

For more Buffyverse fun, check out my recs page!

White Knight Awards Nominee

Raison D'Etre Nominee

Fang Fetish Awards nominee

Wanton Folly Nominee!

I'm a member of S/X and violence!

Once A Thief

Family (108,700 words; 610K so far)
Work In Progress: Last updated May, 2003
The hints the series gives us about the characters' pasts are few and far between, and sometimes seem to contradict each other. I was interested in filling in Mac's history. The story takes place over many years.
Pairings: Mac/Michael, Mac/Li Ann, Mac/Vic
October, 2005: I'm finally updating again! I'm posting it to the Once A Thief LJ in chunks, which you can find listed here: [Family, Part 5].

Elevator (575 words; 4K)
Completed September, 2002
I issued a challenge to the RatBoat mailing list: write a story in which two Once A Thief characters get stuck in an elevator together. Then I wrote this short little story in answer to my own challenge.
Pairing: Murphy/Camier (the Cleaners)

Touch (7700 words; 43K)
Completed May, 2002
This story started as an experiment: can I write an action/adventure story in which the viewpoint character is blind?
Pairing: Mac/Vic

A Diamond Is Forever (14,200 words; 80K)
Completed April, 2002
I thought Vic would made a great hard-boiled detective, so I wrote this story, set ten years after the end of the series.
Pairing: Mac/Vic

Complications (14,000 words; 77K)
Completed April, 2002
Mac and Vic go undercover as dockhands at a container pier. Vic starts to realize he has feelings for Mac, and meanwhile Mac's getting sick and needs Vic to take care of him, though he won't admit it. Things get dark and angsty.
Pairing: Mac/Vic

Unforgivable (42,500 words; 238K)
Completed April, 2002
My first fanfic ever, this is kind of a monster. Mac is haunted by an event from his past, and traumatized by a nasty mission he gets sent on in the present. Vic is there to try to pick up the pieces.
Pairing: Mac/Vic

Once A Thief
Odd Little Things

I've written a few things for posting to the RatBoat group that don't really qualify as stories, and as such aren't archived at The Agency. Still, you might find them worth a peek.

Wedding Bells, Reprised
(100 words; 2K)
I wrote this drabble on June 29, 2005, in celebration of the passing of the same-sex marriage bill in Canada's Parliament.

One Evening In The Men's Washroom Outside The Ballroom In The Royal York
(100 words; 2K)
Completed January, 2005
Just a drabble. Mac helps Vic with his formalwear.

Pie In The Sky (2800 words; 16K)
Completed April, 2003
We had a little poll on RatBoat: which character would you most like to see hit in the face with a cream pie? I promised to write a fic in which the "winner" got pied. As it turned out the votes were spread out pretty evenly, and several people had specific suggestions about scenarios they'd like to see. I decided to try to work as many of these as possible into one story. By the way, this is the only PWP I've ever written.

Guilty Pleasures (489 words; 4K)
Completed November, 2002
LeFey asked, on RatBoat, "Let's hear what you think are the guilty pleasures of our OaT characters." This little scene was my answer for Vic.

Halloween (1500 words; 10K)
Completed October, 2002
Two questions came up on RatBoat at about the same time: what's at the top of the Director's stairs, and what would everyone dress up as for Halloween? I decided to investigate both questions simultaneously, in the form of fiction.

Nathan's Answers (667 words; 5K)
Completed April, 2002
I got one of those chain emails, a list of odd personal questions you're supposed to answer and then send to a bunch of your friends. I thought: how would Nathan answer these questions? It became a sort of mini character study.

That 70's Show

Chronicles of the Rebel Alliance

What if Eric Forman and Steven Hyde fell in love?

Episode 1:
Closer (8600 words; 49K)
Completed October, 2003
Eric learns some new things about Hyde after Hyde gets sick. Opportunities for growth and change present themselves; will they be seized, or squandered?

There's also a DVD-style commentary, written in December 2005. Warning: the commentary contains spoilers for the rest of the Chronicles.

Episode 2: Taboo (14,500 words; 77K)
Completed November, 2003
Hyde comes to Eric's rescue after he gets beat up at school.

Episode 3: Fate (10,500 words; 56K)
Completed November, 2003
Takes place in an Alternate Universe season 6, in which Donna gets on that Magic Bus and goes to Madison. Donna breaks up with Eric for an unexpected reason, and once again Eric has cause to re-evaluate his relationship with Hyde.

Episode 4: Fallout (31,100 words; 168K)
Completed December, 2003
Eric and Hyde are finally together. So ... now what?

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