Disclaimer: This is fanfic, based on the show Once A Thief. Characters are property of Alliance. This story was written for fun, not profit.

One Evening In The Men's Washroom Outside The Ballroom In The Royal York

by: Shadowscast

"Told you I should've worn a clip-on," Vic muttered.

"Not classy enough." Mac tugged the ends of the bow tie, frowning critically at his handiwork.

Pinned between Mac's hips and the sink, Vic felt strangely warm. He shifted slightly, hoping Mac wouldn't notice his erection. "Who could tell?"

"There's some serious old money out there. They'd know." Mac pursed his lips and made another minute adjustment.

"I feel like a fucking penguin," Vic complained.

"And you look like one, too." Mac smiled, leaned in, and Vic's heart stopped for a second but Mac just kissed him on the nose. "Done."

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Author's note
This drabble was written in response to the following challenge from Denyce:
"OK since I'm watching the GG awards, I'm thinking yummy men in tuxes, and ladies in gorgeous gowns. So let's make that the challenge: an event where they (whomever your muse dictates) have to dress to impress."